• nima

    Alexandra Nima (Estonia), Founder

    ANIMA manages Vitruvian Vision as Founder and CEO. She is a performance artist and business graduate (sustainable HR management) who loves all animals, with varying preferences. Except those that bite, sting, or are poisonous.

  • arsenijs

    Arsenijs P. (Latvia), Technical Co-Founder

    ARSENIJS never finished his degree- he was too busy tinkering and teaching others electronics. Despite his young age, he is already a well-respected mentor at hackathons in the Baltics. At Vitruvian Vision, he is responsible for projects requiring interactive media and wearables.

  • sait

    Muhammet (Sait) A. (Turkey), Web Designer

    Muhammet (Sait) is a fresh IT management graduate and budding web designer. At Vitruvian Vision, he is responsible for working on the Shopify (Liquid) code and designing the interactive website with Arsenijs. His favorite animals are Capuchin Monkeys.