A Thousand Stars in the Night Sky.

Millions of Lights burning bright, illuminating the darkness.  


Vitruvian Vision (abbreviated V, or VV, pronounced “We”) is a Youth NGO located in Estonia.

It was founded in May 2021, and aims to help young people (i.e. students and new graduates) live their full potential via creative workshops and events, which often involve technology in some shape or form.

Like in nature, our Non-Profit wishes to make the world lighter by strengthening the inner core of others, and accelerating individual growth.


We kickstart our initiatives by organising a series of interactive, inclusive costume and singing pkjk-Flashmob events in year one. Then follow up with targeted, skills-based workshops from year two.

Workshops from mid-2023 will revolve around providing young people with essential meditation, self-development, branding and PR skills needed to win in today’s competitive market. 

Knowledge will be provided by staff in-house, and via specialist teachers for selected, in-depth topics. The latter will be sourced via our community of change-makers interviewed for our In-House Format, the “Power Through..” Podcast Series.