Vitruvian Vision ("We") aim to accelerate students and new graduates growth as leaders, innovators, artists and entrepreneurs who excel in their chosen fields.

As a collective of people working on developing their (and others’) full potential, we expect our students to live by common values like integrity, cooperation, responsibility and consciousness.

Our four main values as an organisation are:



Vitruvian Vision view creativity as a major enabler on the road towards self-growth and beyond. Vitruvian Vision believes that creative thinking, be it in the arts, technology , science or business needs to be fostered at any level of our existence: from healthy self-expression in dress to applications at work.


Vitruvian Vision embrace young people of all cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual  orientations, abilities, perspectives, and ways of thinking Vitruvian Vision believe that everyone has valueable wisdom to share  that can benefit-and grow-our community as a whole.


Vitruvian Vision seek to sustain a healthy balance between ourselves and other’s needs, and aim for win-win situations.  Whilst Vitruvian Vision value sustained, hard work and dedication, burnout is not on our to-do list.


Good foundations take time, but once acquired, we rise beyond them.

Vitruvian Vision graduates think bigger- and don’t settle until we achieve our highest purpose in life.