About Flashmobs

Vision are organising a chain of hybrid (=live and virtually broadcast) costume and singing flashmobs in 28 European capitals.



Flashmobs run from Summer 2022 to Europe Day 20234, with Dates Below

While our live events are predominantly for young people (students and new graduates), everyone LGBTIQ+, BIPOC- and Disability supportive- any age, heritage, background, look, or orientation- is welcome to join us online, or as a spectator on site.


Our “Ode to Joy Electronica” Flashmobs are triggered by public people voting "on" a wearable (a.k.a. electronic) dress, which we call “The Europe dress”. Once this dress gets activated, it will play the Ode to Joy (= Europe Hymn), and we join in together.

We encourage the crowd to wear their own, most colourful and expressive costumes to match my dress- drag, regalia, cosplay, ethnic, goth- whatever rocks your boat.

After the singing act, we gather to listen to local bands, dance groups or solo musicians. The selection will be depending on many factors and will reflect a broad spectrum of styles: from opera to pop, rock, ethnographic or electronic.

Meanwhile, people can mingle and exchange "costume best practise" strategies, or simply just hang out together. In case of Corona, or for those taking part online, there will be random zoom rooms, and chat to connect.

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a public event involving young people, we cannot allow nudity, alcohol or violent behaviour. Please make sure your outfit keeps your private parts covered and try to behave in civil ways.


Our wearable costume represents European diversity visually and invites co-creation. Much thought has gone into the design and technical capacities of the dress. It is printed all over with the Europe Charta of Citizen Rights, in LGBTIQ+ colours, and will sport the disability pride flags on the shoulders, as well as the trans/intersex flags on the arms and the BIPOC colours on its hem.

A few hundred jingles on the headdress and costume add a tribal and acoustic element.

Who are we?

Like with all non-commercial, grassroots-type of projects, our team is made up of interns, volunteers and freelancers. We are proud to have two people with disabilities on the team, as well as different orientations, ages and cultural heritages.


Throughout April to June 2022, we are running a crowdfunding campaign on the well-known crowdfunding platform “Indiegogo”. The project, as a one-year cycle of 28 individual events, requires around 42.000 Euros in it’s most basic form (for event permission, travel, musician, clean-up and software fees).

Ideally, we would like to hire part-time staff to help, and pay musicians and freelancers moderate sums as well- which would require 75.000 Euros altogether. Between November 2022 and February 2023- when we have a winter break in between events- we are considering running another campaign on a German crowdfunding platform, should the acquired funds not be enough.

NOTE: Our last two years have been entirely self-funded. This is no longer possible for us, unfortunately. If we cannot raise the basic sum needed (20.000 Euros for the first half of the event cycle) on Indiegogo until end of April, we will have to discontinue the project.

SPONSORS: We are still looking for corporate sponsors and are happy for any leads in (sustainable) travel, digital or eco-brands.