by Alexandra Nima

Leaving footprints. Digital prints. Screenprints.

I abandoned this blog a while ago, which is a shame. It had quite a few readers. 

Once in a while, I tell myself to blog again- but I really do lack the time. 

I had my first artist residency some time ago- after 10 years of applying for residencies all over Europe.

In the meantime, I was quoted in BBC Travel, Reader's Digest, and a good dozen more international outlets. 

My (very old) academic writing gets bought at Walmart in the US, from Hugendubel (pretty established bookstore) in Germany, and amazon. I didn't do this- it was the publisher I sold them to in 2009 or so. 

I don't really get much money for it, but it is good to see quality work still gets read 10 years later- and 10 years is a LONG time in academia. Basically, a thesis looses value 1-2 years after publication. 

So I know I can write, which also happens to be what I do for a living now.

Shame that also means I lack the energy to blog. :/

by Alexandra Nima