OTJE Project, Update 26th of December 2021

by Alexandra Nima
OTJE Project, Update 26th of December 2021

Since Vitruvian Vision is a grassroots project on a very limited budget, with limited staff and resources, shit is bound to happen.

We had planned to start our crowdfunding in December 2021, only to find out that kickstarter does not allow companies and NGOs from Estonia. Our initial research had shown that is possible.

And, yes- there ARE indeed Estonian companies on there, and don't get me to comment on the peculiarities of how they were allowed to fund on this particular platform.

I did my research- and let's say I found a lot of issues I wasn't happy with. Fake profiles, shady collars- all for the sake of running a project from elsewhere that is actually located in Estonia.

So Goodbye, Kickstarter.

We then had to re-shoot the German and English videos, make them platform-neutral, and opt for indiegogo. Which has a great resources page and an awesome team- it is just not such a great place for artistic projects.

We will also be on start next- the biggest German platform.

Then a few team fluctuations, and people not showing up for their onboarding- and we are down to six team members for now.

The flashmob dates had to be rescheduled, starting from Europe Day 2022 now (May) and running until May 2023. We decided in the team that this gives us plenty of time to organise and try things out.

Once the new dates are fixed, we will put them online.

by Alexandra Nima